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Dev Board EDB930X set with a EP9302

If you are Impatient !!

Download the precompiled images and install the images to the root directory of a tftp server set on your LAN. You should need to configure redboot to connect your server as describe in the cirrus documentation.
load -r -v -b 0x800000 ramdisk.gz
load -r -v -b 0x80000 zImage

then run linux with the following command:
exec -r 0x800000 -s 0x600000

on the prompt load the module with the following command:
modprobe videodev
modprobe spca5xx

plug the webcam
verify the module and the webcam are correctly registered

servfox is in /usr/bin and should run with the read method: 
servfox -s 320x240 -w 7070 -g
There are corruption data with the mmap method so only used read at the moment
a prompt messages show you the server is running and wait for connection

Compile the patched Kernel

You need first to install all the cross compiler and the toolchain from cirrus logic.
There are lot of howto here
When you have installed the cross compiler following the cirrus devel instruction
patch you kernel as explain here
and then compile the kernel image

Setting the distribution

goto the edb9302 directory and remove .do_not_edit
	install the /dev/video0 node in devices.txt
	and then compile the image
install the servfox package and compile. Be sure to initialise the PATH to the cross compiler !!
	rename Makefile.arm to Makefile
create a rootfs directory
	unpack ramdisk.gz
	and mount the image
	mount -o loop ramdisk rootfs
	now copy servfox binary to rootfs/usr/bin
	umount rootfs
	and compress ramdisk
	gzip -f -9 ramdisk
you should have now ramdisk.gz the root file system with servfox ready to upload on the board Congratulations:)

Install the image

Look at if you are impatient :))