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Now OBSOLETE use the in kernel module, If it did not work please Contact the Kernel People

*********** Only in line for Historical reason *************

NEWS support Vimicro vc0323, upto 260 webcams ,Happy Christmas :).
until gspca v4l2 is finished, used:
gspcav1 "Generic Softwares Package for Camera Adapters" version 1.00.20 date: 24/12/2007
for kernel up from 2.6.11 : gspcav1-20071224.tar.gz
for kernel below 2.6.11: spca5xx version 0.60.00-1:

Gentoo gspca
Gentoo spca5xx
Debian gspca
Debian spca5xx
fc6 gspca
Ark Linux

ArchLinux spca5xx
ArchLinux gspcav1
SuSE rpm
Slackware gspcav1
FreeBSD (spca5xx userspace)
Macam OSX
FreeBSD (gspca kernel)
T2 System Devel Env.

List of Known Webcams: Known Cameras
Thanks for spca5xx SPONSORS
If you need a working driver, Donation of Webcams, should really welcome:)
Working without hardware and Chips documentation is a challenge !!
Remenber, the module is your's and you are not alone :)

Old Spca5xx Et61xx51 Kernel 2.6.x and 2.4.x modules, spcaview, spcatools packages

A Nice Spca5xx VideoGrabber SpcaGui

press button, adjust sliders , select choice in control box ,take jpeg picture
and smart avi file MJPG or I420 codec

Click on the picture to get the source package !!

A set of TOOLS for the spca5xx module and others :)

More -> -> -> -> Spcaview & Spcaserv & Spcacat

->Spcaview is able to stream, record and play video and sound in MJPG I420 RGB16 RGB24 or RGB32 and raw data RAWD
Norme PAL, SECAM, NTSC and Channel CBVS or S-VIDEO for usbgrabber can be selected. Spcaview is also able to connect a TCP stream from Spacserv server
->Spcaserv multithread streaming server over TCP (use jpeg compressor hardware or use an embedded jpeg software encoder)
->Spcacat simple picture grabber (like videodog but used the jpeg compressor hardware from some webcams or use an embedded jpeg software encoder)
Works with spca5xx zr364xx based cam and others with Read or Mmap method

Click on the picture to get the source package !!

GTK grabber from Dave Truman
Gideo a gtk grabber from Dave Truman design with the spca5xx components. You need Gnome installed to compile:

Click on the picture to get the source package !!

New !! Usb Video Class --> Click Here !!
To play with Linux-UVC You need to download (luvcview 2007/05/12) luvcview here.

SP54 converter

A tool to convert SP54 codec from Sunplus to a movie playable MJPG avi file.
Usage : sp54convert infile outfile
The tool test the Fourcc of the file infile if this is a SP54, it's converted in MJPG
Thanks to Piotr Pawlow who port sp54convert to windoze

Snoopy Faq

A FAQ to help user of usb snoopy
Screenshot of the Zc030x :
lbpro640.jpg lbpro320.jpg
Screenshot of the Sonix :
Screenshot Et61xx51 :
352x288.jpg 176x144.jpg
More Screenshots : http://spca.free.fr
FEEDBACK will be a good idea to mxhaard At users.sourceforge DOT net or mxhaard At free DOT fr