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Linux Embedded and spca5xx
Etrax 100lx 16+4 MCM FoxBoard
Arm9 EP9302 board
Osk5912 by Fifth (China)
Cyrix C3 Epia M board
Kernel 2.4.x /2.6.x patch
Client/Server Protocol
Connect to the server
Windows client by Fifth (China)

Spca5xx and Linux Embedded

Where the idea come from !

The high quality Linux kernel with uclibc and a lot of software components can be set in small electronic board. Many routers, dvd player, tv ...are set this way and provide a lot of new functions to the users.
People are trying to set up spca5xx on embedded device, but spca5xx is designed to set usb webcams (up to 180 today) on a work station and cannot fit in a small memory area. That is why the project spca5xx-light-edition emerged :)
I have created a project with a Epia M card with a remote tracking camera, for a Linux meeting at Dijon (France) and see all benefits we can get with a small footprint memory
In the mean times Dr.Illah Nourbakhsh from the Carnegie Mellon University contacted me to set up a vision machine on the TERK robot with a ARM9 CPU and my friends from Acmesystems to set a webcamera on a very nice Fox board Don't forget the Tux Case :)

Who need spca5xx-Light-Edition / spca5xx ?

If you have a low CPU or very small RAM area spca5xx-Light-Edition is for you, otherwhise you can setup spca5xx. For example the EpiaM card set with a C3 1 Ghz did not need to reduce the footprint, but for the Etrax 100Lx with 100Mips and 16 Mo Ram or the Arm EP9302 with 200Mhz and 32 Mo Ram you cannot expect to decode jpeg stream in the kernel :).

What devices spca5xx-LE support ?

Spca5xx-LE support the jpeg streaming webcams (83 today) from Sunplus Sonix and Vimicro/Zstar. My list of spca5xx known webcams have now a LE flag set :)