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What is spcaview ?

Spcaview package include a set of tools, for the spca5xx, spca5xx-LE kernel modules. Spcaview is a video grabber software, but can also act as a video player or a client streaming viewer for the spcaserv serfox streaming server.To view all possible setting spcaview -h can help :)
to run spcaview as a client viewer run the following command:
	spcaview -w
	where: is the server IP address
		7070 is the port to use for the connection
when the client is connected the following keyboard key are active :
	key b -> brightness up
	key n -> brightness down
	key w -> contrast up
	key x -> contrast down
	key s take a picture in your current directory
	don't touch key l that will put the server to sleep :) and i have not set a
		method to wake up at the moment.
	key q disconnect and quit.
NEW by Fifth !! Spcaview can act as a Windows Client. Take it here.