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Now OBSOLETE use the in kernel module, If it did not work please Contact the Kernel People

Release 01.00.20 Date: 24 december 2007 Code name gspcav1 transitory continue

Release 01.00.20
	Add Genius ge110  0x093a:0x2472 Thanks David Ponessa
	Add Philips spc220nc pac207 0x093a:0x2463 Thanks Mathieu Lacage
	Apply Serge A.Suchkov cosmetic FIX
	Add stream decoder to the vc0323 chip webcam (works with spcaview
	Upgrade spcaview 20071224 
Release 01.00.20-rc3
	FIX mc501cb VGA initial value
	Add Logitech QC Cool 0x046d:0x08af Thanks Roger Braun
Release 01.00.20 rc2
	FIX sysfs for kernel upto 2.6.23
	Makefile need to change for kernel 2.6.24 used EXTRA_CLAGS instead of
Release 01.00.20 rc1
	Add Logitech QC for Notebooks 0x046d:0x08dd Thanks Logitech for the webcam ;-)
	Add Preliminary vc0326 support Thanks our DGGN (Gendarmerie Nationale)
	Lenovo webcam 0x17ef:0x4802

Release 01.00.19 Date: 21 November 2007 Code name gspcav1 transitory continue

Release 01.00.19 rc3
	FIX From Robert Bohdal Sonix 0x602e Dark Picture
	FIX from Janne Kulmala QC express ETCH2 Brightness Contrast adjust
	Add TalkCamVX6 0x0c45:0x60ec SN9C105 + MO4000 Thanks Jean-noel.Chardron
	for testing.
	Add A4Tech PK-130MG 0x0ac8:0x0328 from Igor liplianin VC0323+MI1320
	Patch from Alin Brindusescu FIX Sonix Tas5110 0x6007
	FIX Pac207 detection routine only test Hight Byte now thanks Dominik Hensler.
Release 01.00.19 rc2	
	Add LDLC 0x0ac8:0x307b Thanks Pierre Quelen/Didier Leclerc for the webcam. 
Release 01.00.19 rc1
	Add FashionCam 0x0d64:0x0303 Sunplus spca536a Thanks Justin Sinseri for testing.

Release 01.00.18 Date: 08 May 2007 Code name gspcav1 transitory continue

	Added Philips 0x0471:0x0322 DMVC 1300K Thanks Eduardo Paglialunga.
Release 01.00.17
	Added basic support vor Pixart PAC7311 based webcams :-), Thomas Kaiser & Joerg Schummer
	0x093a:0x2600, 0x093a:0x2601, 0x093a:0x2603, 0x093a:0x2608, 0x093a:0x260e, 0x093a:0x260f
	This was a hard, exhausting and very long journey to get this chip working
	The support is not so good: Bad picture quality and not all controls are working, but we have at least something
	FIX Sysfs Auke Kok patch for kernel < 2.6.17.
Release 01.00.16
	compat ioctl32 from Joris Van Rantwijk 
	Add Genius Look 316 Thanks Joris  Van Rantwijk .
	Add Genius Eye 311Q 0x0458:0x7025 Thanks Karel Volny
	Sysfs Auke Kok patch Thanks.
Release 01.00.15
	FIX Sunplus Bug with spca561 Alternate setting detection. Thanks Emmanuel Simonnet 
	Add Sonix 0x0c45:0x6138 by me, Thanks Anonymous S for providing the
	Add Philips spc315nc Thanks Olli Wiren and Pierre D.
	Add Creative 0x401a Thanks James Monkesys for the feedback :)	
Release 01.00.14
	Add Microsoft VX3000 Thanks Jason {USB_DEVICE(0x045e, 0x00f5)}
	Add Philips spc210nc Thanks Thanh NGuyen {USB_DEVICE(0x0471, 0x032d)
	FIX M$ to MS Thanks Uwe Hermann
Release 01.00.13
	Patch from Luigi Rizzo compat with FreeBsd follow the Luigi website please:)
	Patchs from Harald compat Mac OSX please follow Macam project please:)

Release 1.00.12 Date:10 January 2007 Code name gspcav1 transitory continue
Happy New Year, have a lot of Fun!!

Release 01.00.12
	Add Trust 610 LCD PowerC@m Zoom (webcam mode) by Márton Németh
	Add Philips spc210nc by François Boisson
	Add Sony VGP-VCC1 embedded vc0321+ov7660 by Alwin Heerklotz
	Add experimental MicroSoft VX1000, Sonix sn9c105r + OV7660 by me :)
	Bugs FIX sensor VC0305+VA6241

Release 0.2.0 Date:07 01 2007 Luvcview. Please update uvcvideo kernel module and luvcview

Version 0.2.0
	Fix bugs no need to initialize the device when -L is asked.
	Config file save restaure used key F1 and F2 
	Change the buttons picture (The Gimp)
Version 0.1.9
	Uwe-Philipp Kaeppeler 30/11/2006 set fps using -i fps
	Uwe-Philipp Kaeppeler 15/12/2006 save and load device control settings (keys
	1 and 2, -r) 
Version 0.1.8
	Pan/Tilt correction Wolfgang S-Rupprecht	http://www.wsrcc.com/wolfgang 

Release 1.00.11 Date:16 December 2006 Code name gspcav1 transitory continue

	Fix the VC0321+HV7131R detection sometimes failed
	FIX the yuyv translator The vc0321 chips now support all gspcav1 palette
	Improve Logitech zc0321+po3130nc 0x046d:0x0896, support, at least mysterious register 0xd1 of the PO3130NC SOC give better result, Thanks Martin :)
	Correct typo mistake, thanks Giovanni Scafora:) 
	Test the OV7660 set in my system76 notebook http://www.system76.com/
	Many thanks System76  and Carl J.Richell  for this really Cool Donation :)
Release 01.00.10
	Adjust VC0321+OV7660 data Thanks Julien Pillon for testing :)
Release 01.00.09
	FIX endpoint detection errors
	the three VC0321 sensors seem detected Thanks Artur Koninski and all :) 
Release 01.00.08
	Preliminary vc032x support for sensor OV7660 PO3130NC HV7131R
Release 01.00.07
	Add Sonix 0x612c code from Alwin (MO4000+sn9c110) maybe works
	Add Sonix 0x613b sn9c120+OV7660 
	Fix 2.6.19 config.h thanks Kel Modderman
	Appy Mauro patch about kernel 2.6.19 Thanks
	backport the gspca endpoint routine from gspcav2, should allow USB2.0 webcams to works
	rework the ENOSPC negociation to works with this new design.	
Release 01.00.06
	Add missing Aiptek DV4100M Sorry Jon and thanks for your feedback :)
Release 01.00.05
	FV0250 become VF0250 Thanks Serge
	Add support Logitech Notebook de Luxe 0x046d:0x08d8 vc302
Release spcaview-20061208 PLEASE update  bugfix in picture mode.

Release 1.00.04 Date:25 September 2006 Code name gspcav1 transitory

	Some news from the author: I stop smoking my pipe!! hard work :)
	gspcav1 still here until gspca v4l2 support is finish.
	Best regards, sorry for the delay 
Release 01.00.04
	Add support Logitech STX 0x046d:0x08d7 vc0301 Thanks Scott Rushforth :)
Release test 01.00.03
	Add support Creative Live Cam Video IM 0x041e:0x4051  Antonio Bartolini
Release 01.00.02
	 Add support Creative Live! Cam Notebook Pro 0x041e:0x4051
	 Add Flicker filters 
	 Thanks patchs from Serge A. Suchkov
	 Add -ENOSPC experimental implementation Thanks Vodun Vibe vodunvibe [AT] NO@SPAM.PLEASE yahoo DOT com
	 Rework tasklet init Thanks Joerg Ahrens :)
	 Add Creative Vista Pro 0x041E:0x4029 Thanks Markku Kero for patch and
	 testing :)
	 Add Missing Creative Webcam Live! 0x041e:0x041e 
Release 01.00.01 
	Add Logitech QuickCam 0x092d 0x092e 0x092f thanks Martin Rubli and All

Release 0.60.00 Date:1 May 2006 Code name spca5xx-V4l1-Goodbye

	add Logitech Logitech QuickCam IM/Connect 0x046d, 0x08d9
	add Logitech QuickCam Messenger 0x046d, 0x08da 
	thanks Martin Rubli from logitech, for patch and testing.
	FIX MI0360 + sn9c105 thanks Remy Saissy for pointing the copy/paste bug :)
Release 0.57.12rc7
	add Logitech QCimage 0x046d:0x08a7 thanks Parag N for patch testing
	add Logitech QC Cool 0x046d:0x08ac thanks Carlos Z.F Liu for patch and testing
	add Mustek MDC3500 0x055f:0xc232 thanks Jindra for patch and testing
	add 1.3 Mpixels Sunplus 0x04fc:0x500c Thanks Steve Marshall for testing
	improve the tv8532 decoder Thanks Djamel anonymous for your contribution :)
Release 0.57.12rc6
	tested with:
	zc3xx ok (sometimes error -90 on open (close reopen FIX the problem)
	spca561 rev 1 ok
	spca561 rev 2 ok
	et61151 ok
	et61251 ok
	pac207 ok
	sonix sn9c101 sn9c102 ok
	sonix sn9c105 sn9c120 sn9c120p ok
	spca501 ok
	spca504b spca504c ok
	spca533 ok
	tv 8532 ok
	untested spca508a spca505a spca506a spca536a spca500a cx11646 mr87311 
Release 0.57.12rc5
	connect file operation to the interrupt handler
	spca561 workd
	zc3xxx broken ???
Release 0.57.12rc4
	connect camera file operations to the main struct
	clean up and remove old function not need
Release 0;57.12rc3
	port spca500,
	port spca505,
	port spca506,
	port CX11646 to the new API
	remove old spca50x function(s) setting mode and size without Sensor
Release 0;57.12rc2
	port spca508
	port Tv8532 to the new API
Release 0;57.12rc1
	Start the big change:
	port spca501 to the new API
	remove old experimental code for brightness and colors setting
	Someone need to read the spca501 documentation:) 
	Set the brightness to RGB offset and change the RGB Matrix

Release 0.57.11 Date:02 April 2006

Release 0;57.11rc2
	Improve spc200nc spc300nc detection, need to be run twice to get a stream 
	Add Samsung Pleomax SAMPWC3800N VGA 0x0ac8:0x301b HV7131d
Release 0;57.11rc1
	Remove old bug when palette and size did not match :(

Release 0.57.10 Date:01 March 2006

Release 0.57.10rc5
	Add Sonix 0x0c45:0x6019 Sn9c101+Ov7630 
	Add Sonix 0x0c45:0x6024 Sn9c102+Tas5130
	Thanks  Angelo Giraldi for investigation and testing :)	
Release 0.57.10rc4
	Add SPC300NC preliminary 0x0471:0x0326 Vimicro vc0305 need test from
	Joachim Franeck 
Release 0.57.10rc3
	Add pac207 autoexposure with Thomas Kaiser snoop comments that give better exposure
	 in low light but the cost is the frame rate:(
Release 0.57.10rc2
	Add SPC600NC from Philips 0x0471:0x0327 Sonix sn9c105+MI0360
Release 0.57.10rc1
	Add sn9c101+tas5110D Thanks Haplo for testing

Release 0.57.09 Date:02 february 2006

	Spcagui release with a New SKIN from Danil Osipov (Russia) Enjoy :)
Release 0.57.09rc6
	Change spcadecoder yuv420p jpeg.4.1.1 to avoid pixels saturation
	test by Thomas Schorpp thanks 
	Decrease the delay 150ms in the ov7630c detection routine, test by
	Stephane Rosi thanks.
Release 0.57.09rc5
	Add Philips SPC 700NC Sonix sn9c105 + MI0360 0x0471:0x0328 Thanks Juergen Lueters
	from Intranet Engineering GmbH for the spc700nc donation :)
	Adjust sn9cxx setting for the MI0360 sensor.
	Quantization FIX on aiptek problem, hope the last one. 
Release 0.57.09rc4
	Add code for the 320x240 mode of zc030x + ov7630c.
Release 0.57.09rc3
	Add Philips SPC 200 NC Vimicro VC0305 0x0471:0x0325 Thanks Jan Sigurd Refvik for testing.
	Add Canyon CN-Wcam23 0x093a:0x2468 Thanks Marcello Missiroli :)
	Add Trust WB-1400T 0x093a:0x2468 Thanks Jacques Chion :)
Release 0.57.09rc2
	Add Creative Vista Plus 0x041e:0x4028 Pac207 chipset this is a work of Waldemar Celuch :)
Release 0.57.09rc1
	Add OV7630C detection routine to the zc030x chips
	Add Empress PC390 webcam based on OV7630C sensor + vm0302 Thanks Stéphane Rosi  snoop and testing :)
	Add Genius VideoCam NB 0x0c45:0x6001 Tas5110 Thanks Andrea Dangel for the patch and maybe others i forget 

Release 0.57.08 && Release 0.57.07LE08 Date:01 january 2006

	FIX some quantization problem with the spca500 spca504 spca533 chips  
	Thanks Carlos Martínez Lozano to point the bug.
Release 0.57.08rc4
	Add Chuntex (CTX) M730V TFT-Display UsbId 0x0698:0x2003 Thanks Thilo
	Martens for the patch :)
Release 0.57.08rc3
	Add Aiptek Slim 3000F 0x08ca:0x2020 Thanks Renaud for patch and testing :)
Release 0.57.08rc2
	Fix problem when the webcam report palette 0 if VIDIOCSPICT is not used
	Add Logitech QC IM 0x046d:0x08a6 zc0302 + HV7131R Thanks Brian G. Maddox :)
Release 0.57.08rc1
	Vimicro vm303 0x0ac8:0x303b add new sensor detection and sensor setting
	use spca50x->chip_revision to switch the change.
	This sensor look like a MI0360 or PB0330 with others registers setting.
	thanks Juergen Lueters from Intranet Engineering GmbH for the PC Camera:)

Release 0.57.07 && Release 0.57.07LE08 Date:12 December 2005

	Add ioctl() private to set
	qtable index
	time_interval between frame acquisition
	auto exposure on off spca561 spca504c zc030x chipsets
	Add a time_interval in the interrupt handler, allow change of the frame
	rate for each webcam between the available full frame rate to a slower
	Fix some old bugs in process context and the wait queue. VIDIOCSYNCHRO
	should wait for the frame instead of the spca5xx general wait queue only
	used by the read() method.
	-DSPCA5XX_ENABLE_REGISTERPLAY can be used for all spca5xx based webcam 
	becare this option is Dangerous you can break your chipset (allow
	registers setting on the fly with sysfs !!
	spcaview update version 1.1.5
		Applet update with control command thanks Andrea Partinico
		update control key to handle spca5xx change
Release 0.57.06rc6
	Improve sensor detection for the zc03xx chipset
	Add quality index for the jpeg webcam
	Set default Index to 2 for all zc030x 
	Change initialize of qtable according the new index field
	Change brightness contrast setting for the zc030x webcams
	set autobrightness module param for the zc030x /spca561/Etoms webcam
Release 0.57.06rc5
	FIX Genius Look 312p initialize correctly Thanks Cristophe and all from Interieur.gouv.fr:)
	FIX hv7131r sensor drift on frame rate Thanks Simon Morlat for testing (linphone) :)
Release 0.57.06rc4
	Add zx3xx routine for a sensor PB0330 or MI0330 8b <- dc
	Reduce the FrameBuffer to two. Look like footprint decrease without loss of performance :)
Release 0.57.06rc3
	Add Genius GF112 0x093a:0x2470 PAC207-BCA thanks ???? at land.ru.

Release 0.57.06rc2
	Add Mercury Cyberpix S550V 0x0733:0x3281 thanks Jross for testing :)

Release 0.57.06rc1
	Add decompression for the pac207 this a work of Bertrick Sikken
	Thomas Kaiser and me :)
	use with modprobe spca5xx compress=1
First Release 0.57.06LE 
	spca5xx-Light-Edition for EMBEDDED devices, only support 83 webcams, look at spca5xx know cameras.
	spca5xx-LE is set as Kernel patch for 2.4.31,, 2.6.12
	Tested with:
		Etrax 100lx MCM Foxboard from Acmesystems
		Arm9 EP9302 from CirrusLogic
	spcaview update version 1.1.4 
		Fix a lot of bugs in spcacat
		Set the missing Applet header change, sorry :(
	update the website with SPCA5XX-LE items	

Release 0.57.05: Date: 05 November 2005

	FIX compilation problem in 2.4.x thanks Sven Lindberg :

Release 0.57.04 Date: 01 November 2005

Release 0.57.04rc6
	FIX a small bug introduce by me in the sonix decompressor
	update the readme
Release 0.57.04rc5
	FIX from Bretrik Stikken sonix decompressor
	Thanks Thomas Kaiser pixart_preprocess now handle all pixels :)
	remove old code for the SAA7113 not need
	correct all sensor unknow with SENSOR_INTERNAL
	move all spca50x i2c code in spca506.h as it is only used by this chips
	remove autoexposure and the Bottom Half un need and crash the kernel
	remove all un need parameters :
	ccd, cams, osd, and so on
Release 0.57.04rc4		
	Add 0x093a:0x2460 Pac207 Qtec Webcam Thanks Gerard Klaver 
	Add 0x093a:0x2471 Pac207 Genius Videocam GE111 Thanks Tomas Groth and Unknow from IRC channel:)
	Add Vimicro 0x0ac8:0x303b Thanks Fionn Brehens and Will Crozier :)
Release 0.57.04rc3
	FIX Endpoint bug in the pixart Pac207 
	Add control brightness pac207
	Add control contrast pac207
Release 0.57.04rc2
	Add Pixart Pac207 0x093a:0x2468 This is a work of Thomas Kaiser :)	
Release 0.57.04rc1
	FIX compilation with kernel > 2.6.14 thanks Kel Modderman and all :)

Release 0.57.03: Date: 01 October 2005

Release 0.57.03
	spcaview-20051001 release FIX bug when two instances claim parport.
	Add spcacat tools for embedded device take picture every (x ms) no dependancies use the hardware jpeg compressor if available
	or a buildin jpeg encoder if not.
	spcaserv and spcacat can be build without dependancies for embedded device, spcaview only need libSDL :)
	FIX PC Cam350 offset data wrong value
	Add Creative Pccam350 0x041e:0x4012 thanks Juliano Cesar Camargo for snoop and test:)
	FIX bug in VIOCSPICT only change format if need
	Remove a lock reduce latencies to serve the ioctl
	Add Smile International 0x0497:0xc001 spca501c webcam Thanks Rex Tsai for
	the patch :)	
	spca504a spca504b spca504c spca533 and spca536 go out
	instead sp5xxfw2.h and sp5xxfw2.dat do the job
	sp5xxgfw2 is tested with a pocket DVII spca533 a Gsmart mini2 spca504a a
	aiptek 1.3 spca504a and Maxell 1.3 spca504b
	I did not have a pccma600 to test spca504c and a spca536 webcam if
	someone can test an report thanks:)
	sp5xxfw2 is now set with the new camlib API look dummy_cam.h 
	Add JVC GC-A50 spca504 fw2 0x04f1:0x1001 thanks  Tobias Wolf for testing
	spcaview-20050918 release FIX bugs and update camera bridge
	spcagui-20050918 release FIX bugs and bridge update 
	Add Labtec Webcam Notebook 0x046d:0x08aa thanks Martin Weber for test
	and patch :)
	FIX a typo in zc03xx.h rapported by Gabriel Sere thanks :)
	Add Logitech Notebook Deluxe Zc0302 0x046d:0x08a9 thanks Anthony B. Coates for testing:)
	FIX the i2c routine for the sn9cxxx chips need a small delay Thanks Derzu for test and patch :)
	FIX Bug with the new spca561 decompressor add new stream S561 instead of GBRG.
	Etoms chips rework
	Add Led feature for the sn9c101 sn9c102 chips
	FIX some typo for the 0x60fc Lic-300 Sensor should be set to HV7131R
	spca50x->i2c_base and spca50x->i2c_ctrl_reg set with the good value for the Sonix chips
	Add preliminary sn9c102+pas202 0x0c45:6028 BTC PC380 need gamma=5
	Rewrite the bayer decoder with some usefull Macro :)
	Add Fix a strange bug with UV in bayer decoder :(

Release 0.57.02

	FIX forget to set the zc305b sorry Otavio Salvadore

Release 0.57.01

	Add some gain to the MI0360 need to be adjusted 
	FIX bug in the sonix_config() with jpeg and CIF size
	The SN9C102P SN9C105 SN9C120 familly is know as BRIDGE SN9CXXX :)
	and SN9C101 SN9C102 SN9C103 as BRIDGE SONIX
	customid field now identify the chips
	FIX VGA sn9c105 + MI0360 mode working now :)
	Add Polaroid Ion80 spca504b 0x0546:0x3191 thanks Michel Memeteau for
	snoop and test
	Add MI0360 sensor sn9c105 + MI0360 is now working in 320x240 full size 
	did not work ATM
	Add sonix sn9c120 HV7131R 0x0c45:0x613c 
	Add sn9c120 MI0360 0x0c45:0x6130 preliminary not working
	Add sn9c105 MI0360 0x0c45:0x60c0 "
	Add sn9c105 HV7131R 0x0c45:0x60fc should work ?
	Add sonix Sweex Tas5110 0x0c45:0x6005 Thanks Gerard Klaver
	Add sonix Lic-200 Hv7131r 0x0c45:602d thanks Leonardo R. Chrudina for snoop and
	testing :)
	Add compressed stream for the spca561 rev 012a
	Add decompressor for the spca561 rev 012a to spcadecoder use compress=1 module parameters.
	This is the work of Andrzej Szombierski :) Hope Andrzej can revert the spca561 rev 072a too :)
	Add Vimicro VC0305 0x0ac8:0x305b Thanks Otavio Salvador for feedback patch and testing :)

Release 0.57.00

	Add 0x0458:0x7006 Genius Dsc 1.3 spca504B-P3 Thanks Dmitriy Zasiadiko
	Kharkiv (Ukraine) for patch and opening the cam with a screw driver :)
	release spcaview 1.0.8 Alvero(nx5) Applet rework please update:)
	Rewrite the jpeg decoder
	Each webcam have is own rgb table
	jpeg decode now is per webcam 
	jpeg quantization table is set on probe
	Connect the Mars-Semi jpeg decoding
	Rewrite gamma and RGB table per webcams
	Add PRELIMINARY Mars-Semi Pcam works from Brad :)
	Bridge MR97311 Sensor MT9M001 jpeg camera 0x093a:0x050f
	FIX interrupt_sleep_on() deprecated in 2.6.x
	kernel lock policy rewrite brr :) 
	add one tasklet per device for multi-webcams purpose
	lot of code clean up
	add exposure for the spca561 rev 012a
	add a field chip_revision to the main structure spca50x
	Add experimental brightness for the ov7630
	Add experimental sonix sn9c102 ov7630 0x0c45:0x602c
	Add experimental sonix sn9c101 ov7630 0x0c45:0x602e
	thanks Carlos Eduardo Dantas de Menezes (ov7630) for snoop and testing :)
	A lot of change in the spca561 lib allow contrast brightness
	Add Logitec QC Notebook 0x046d:0x08ae Thanks Thomas Kaiser for the patch
	Add Mustek WCam300AN 0x055f:0xd004 Thanks Leslie Katz for the INF file
	Add Labtec Webcam Plus 0x046d:0x092b thanks Andrei Soukharev for the feedback
	*Switch the spca561 with new webcam API
	Improve colors for the creative Vista 0x403b 
	tested with Creative vista 0x403b Ic50c 0x0561 Genius V2 0x0561
	Hope the Logitech Express Echl2 works too :)	
	*Switch the Etoms with the new webcam API
	correct return value
	tested with Sangha Et61x151+Pas106 Generic+Tas5130c
	*Switch the sonix with the new webcam API
	Improve the sonix PAS106 frame rate is now upto 22 fp/s
	Improve sonix TAS5130c Exposure
	Add autobrightness autoexposure for the sonix chips in the todo list
	test with Trust spaceCam120 SIF and shangha Tas5130c VGA

Release 0.56.03

	Many thanks Arp-Mihkel Laht (Estonia) for a Creative Live! Ultra donation (Not supported yet...) :)
	Many thanks Thomas Kaiser for the Creative NX patch code, test, snoop :)
	Many thanks Marcin Pyla for the Creative Instant snoop:)
	Many thanks Simon Sclulz Who desoldier the Labtec Pro Sensor and find a Pas102 instead the Hdcs2020:))
	Many thanks Peter Poelm for Agfa Cl20 testing :)
	Many thanks Adam Majewski for the Concord 3045 feedback and testing :)
	Many thanks Pawel Kotynia for the Mercury 2.1 Mp  patch, testing :)
	Many thanks for Gerard Klaver testing of release candidate on Debian Sarge :)
	and for all the  others i forget, sorry :(
	Connect the new functions in the core driver for the zc030x only as a
	experimental test :)
	Create spca5xx_restartMode()
	Create spca5xx_setMode()
	FIX a small bug in spca5xx_getDefaultMode
	Create spca5xx_setFrameDecoder()
	Create spca5xx_initDecoder()
	new kernel lock policy tested on an Dual Athlon2.2 M SMP box seem strong like
	a rock :)
	create spca5xx_getDefaultMode() set webcam default mode (working on
	zc030x actually)
	Modify spca50x_configure according that change
	Add Creative NX usbid 0x041e:0x401c
	Add Creative Instant 0x041e:0x4034
	Add Creative Instant 0x041e:0x4035
	FIX qtable index for some zc030x webcam (should make Dr.beco and Ulisses
	Change Webcam API experiment on the zc030x chips
	Create a Dummy_cam.h the minimal set of webcam functions
	re-visit kernel locking policy :)
	remove all locks in_interrupt() context (brr historical design need some
	remove deferred work by timer on close
	remove timer
	Improve stability
	Add exposure for the sn9c102p coupled with brightness
	rework disconnect open close FIX Ooops or deadlock on disconnect
	remove not need timer function on disconnect.
	open should quit with an error now if somethings goes wrong
	tested with Suse 2.4.21-199 athlon
		Vanilla 2.4.25
		Vanilla 2.6.9
	Add a new function spca5xx_kill_isoc in case submit fail on open

Release 0.56.03rc1
	Add Concord 3045  0x0733:0x3261 spca536a 
	Add Mercury 2.1Mp 0x0733:0x1314 spca533a 
Release spcaview version 1.0.6
Release spcagui version 0.3.4 bug FIX please upgrade :)

Release 0.56.02

	Add Bridge Sonix sn9c102p jpeg Experimental
	Add Sonix 0x0c45:0x607c WC311P jpeg Vga sensor Hv7131R
	Add Logitech QC chat 0x046d:0x092c thanks Karl Jarrod Hyder for feedback
	and testing:)
	FIX Endian problem for ppc and a spca561a chips
	FIX from Ulisses De Penna Kernel problem with 2.4.23 :)
	Spcaview release 1.0.4 Add Sonix sn9c102p bridge. Please update

Release 0.56.01

Add Optimedia UsbId 0x06be:0x0800 spca500a
Add Toptro Industrial UsbId 0x2899:0x012c spca500a
Add Agfa ephoto CL20 UsbId 0x06bd:0x0404 spca500a
Spcaview release version 1.0.3 Add a One shoot feature please update
Change version with three part major.minor.edit need for Debian packet all byte change in the code should increment edit by one :)
Fix Bug in packet size for buggy chips or Suse kernel Many thanks Antoine Callemeyn for all test and helping:)
Add Generic 0x04fc:0x7333 as PalmPix DC85 thanks Erick Izquierdo de la Cruz for test snoop :)
Merge of the Et61xx51 driver in spca5xx works for the Et61x151 and Et61x251 and TAS5130c.
Seem Benq 3410 is a spca533 with Firmware [spca50x_GetFirmware:446] FirmWare : 24 10 0 5 4 Thanks Ricardo Sanz for test :)
module can compile now for the old 2.4.x series tested on 2.4.10 as a lot of embedded system use old series:)
restore the le16_to_cpu() for kernel up to 2.6.11
usb_control_msg set TimeOut in ms feature kernel 2.6.12
FIX a bug in EXPERIMENTAL for the spca501 thanks Eric Lunchpail for the patch :)
If people need more with the spca501 or the spca508 i did not own webcams with these chips and cannot buy all webcams supported by spca5xx so MAKE a DONATION !!
only for the spca561a rev 072a:
As the Sun in Las Vegas is a strong one :) improve the autobrightness to deal with time-exposure and sensor gain Thanks Chris Cothrun and http://fleetcam.com for testing :)
FIX a bug the auto brightness now work in read mode instead mmap the small led now go off on close :)

Release 0.56:
Changes in this release:
Spcaview Bug fix please update :)
Set an autobrightness feature for the spca561chips rev 0x072a did not work with the rev 0x012a found in the creative Vista 0x403b for others, sorry without hardware difficult to know.
Add Typhon Webshoot II 0x10fd:0x0128 zc030x Tas5130c thanks Alex Keller for the feedback :)
Add Labtec Webcam Elch 2 spca561 Usbid 0x046d:0x0929 thanks Jason Griffiths for feedback and testing :)

Spcaview release version 1.0
Spcaview is now able to work as v4l Grabber, avi Player, jpeg Picture grabber, tcp/ip Client /Server and more read the readme for all options:)
Spcaview include a java applet from Alvaro Salmador (nx5) for http streaming :)
Spcaserv is the streaming server include in the spcaview package
All depandencies are remove exept libSDL so the package should work with an embedded device without X server tested on
MIPS ARM and of course x86 epia M10000 card :)

revert the le16_to_cpu() feature are they did not work with ppc and Arm processor ?
Thanks Tomas (tgc) and Ken Huang for the feedback :)

Add MicroInnovation 0x0461:0x0a00 zc030x chips
Add Aiptek PocketCam 4 M 0x08ca:0x2028 spca533
Add Aiptek Pocket DV5100 0x08ca:0x2042 spca536
Add Aiptek Pocket DV5300 0x08ca:0x2060 spca536
Add Sunplus Generic 0x04fc:0x5360 spca536
Add Logitech Quick Cam IM +sound 0x046d:0x08a1
Add Logitech QuickCam Chat 0x046d:0x08a3
Add Logitech QuicCam IM 0x046d:0x08b9
Add Logitech QC IM 0x046d:0x08a0 hdcs2020 thanks Gaby :)
FIX mirror X axis for the HV7131B Thanks Jos Van Wolput for testing :)
endian FIX le16_to_cpu()
ANNOUNCE Mizuno Takafumi spca5xx Port for NetBSD ENJOY !! :)
ANNOUNCE PWC come back !! with full feature under GPL :)
Seem not really clear if decompression, colors changed are allowed in the main kernel ?

Many Thanks to Ulisses De Sousa Penna from Brazil :) Who sent me a LG-LIC100 zc0301P chips Sensor hdcs2020 :)
FIX bug in saturation yuv420p with the LG-Lic100 zc0301P camera Thanks Ulisses Penna with your camera that is more easy :)
Add Polaroid PDC3070 Usbid 0x0546:0x3155 spca533a Thanks Mickael for the Patch :)
Memory management change 2.6.11 kernel Thanks Brice Goglin and Laurent Riffard for the patch :)
Add for test Logitech Quickcam Express Etch2 0x046d:0x0928 Thanks Rick Sewill for testing :)
Add for test Logitech Quickam Notebooks 0x046d:0x092a
FIX spca5xx_get_depth() according V4L spec driver should answer -EINVAL if a palette is not available only jpeg camera can access the jpeg palette now
ALLOW users to change picture parameters trought sysfs write
echo "1" > /sysfs/module/spca50x/gamma
then read
cat /sysfs/module/spca50x/gamma
change the gamma value to 1 (for others parameters please read the README)
you need to stop the camera then restart to take effect :)

******** version:56.02.06
Many Thanks to Juan Ignacio Sanchez Freandez-Bernal from:
Who sent me a Logitech Express 0x0920 tv8532 chips :)
-Set up version to release.mounth.day
-Set up tv8532_preprocess to remove miss align pixels sequence
-move_data did not cut any thing and transmit the whole frame to the decoder with line EOL and packet header
-Set up Brightness for tv8532 chips
-Allow yuv420p to use gamma and pictures setting in bayer decode.
-Good results are get with
-modprobe spca50x GRed=217 GBlue=300 GGreen=224 gamma=4
-Remove Historic BUG in spca50x :)confuse about && and & Thanks Alexander :)
-FIX bug in Icm105a when restart in large Thanks Chris Cothrun with your Icm105a webcamera that is more easy:)
-Remove big array for the tv8532 and write some usefuff functions instead
-Fix spca504a when firmware is not get, probe return now -ENODEV :)

******* version 0.5626
Many Thanks Chris Cothrun for a donation of Two webcams from Las Vegas USA
1)Webcamera 0x0ac8 0x0302 ICM105A now fully supported
2)Micro Inovation IC50c 0x04fc:0x0561 spca561a fully supported too :)
Modify spca50x core to accept iso stream for the tv8532
-Allow tv8532 to accept 176x144 in hardware and 320x240 software

Add Typhoon Webshot II 0x10fd:0x8050 Thanks Salvador for the Patch

spca5xx version 0.5616
Changes in this release:
-Creative Vista now start each times :)
352x288 9fp/s 320x240 9fp/s 176x144 16fp/s 160x120 25 fp/s
spca561 code give now better results Genius VideoCam V2
352x288 9fp/s 320x240 9fp/s 176x144 17fp/s 160x120 27fp/s
For some strange reason Vista contrast did not work ATM :(
Know Vista problem a little bit too dark :(
-Add MSN Messenger Webcamera 0x0ac8:0x301b Hv7131c thanks Mikkel Krautz for the feedback
-Add PcCam750 is know now Working Thanks Vincent Etienne for the feedback
-Add Digigr8 Low Light Vision Hv7131c Thanks Jklaas for the feedback
-Add LG_LIC_100 Webcam Hdcs2020 Thanks Ulisses Penna for a lot of tests
-Add Sansun508 Hv7131c Thanks Bernhard Sadlowski for the feedback
-Add I/O MagicVision spca508 DCRM200 thanks Joseph Abbey for the feedback
Big changes in the structure of the module needed by a strong migration
all cameras code should goes temporary in a .h file and offer a single interface.
Add Creative Vista 0x041e:0x403b experimental work in 352x288 9fp/s:)
Know problem very very dark, sometimes need a replug to restart :(
Find a new hardware setting for the HDCS2020, Many thanks Ulisses Penna for snoop and testing :)
FIX Bug in the jpeg422 kernel decoder :)
FIX a bug in the Cx11646 stop isoc :)

Many thanks for Alvaro Salmador who send me an et61x251 webcam from Spain:)
Many thanks for Gilles Hamel who send a Creative Vista 0x403b :)
Fix a bug in spcagui version 0.3.3, wrong palette on initialize (Please UPGRADE)
spca5xx version 0.569
Add colors setting for the cx11646
Add contrast brightness for the Cx11646 chips
Clean the isoc handler ( lot of stuff from spca50x without any use )
Preliminary code Creative Vista 0x403b (ATM did not work:) )
Fix bug when frame asked and get are different
Add Sensor CS2102 for the zc030x Thanks Alvaro Salmador for a lot of patchs and test :)
Improve Initialize of the tv8532 chips
Tomas Groth works:)(tgc )
Added support for 2 Veo Stingray: 0x0545:0x8333 and 0x0545:0x808b,
the latter one has not been confirmed, and is only there for testing purpose!

Happy New Year :)
Bug FIX spcaview version 0.41(Please UPGRADE)
Change SIGALARM timer by SDL_timer
Picture name get by -p is now set by date/times
spca5xx-20050101 :
Add Creative Live! zc0301 chips UsbId 0x041e:0x4036 Thanks Hans Petter Janson :)
Add Mercury Digital Pro 3.1Mp UsbId 0x0733:0x2221 Thanks Scott Cameron :)
Add Mustek Wcam300a zc0302 UsbId 0x055f:0xc005 Test are needed
Add Gsmart 300 UsbId 0x055f:0xc200 Thanks Stas Bevc for the pacth and testing :)
Add the work of Tomas Groth for the tv8532 chips Thanks tgc for the patch :)

spcaview version is set to 0.4 major change
Add -j grab without SDL windows
Add SDL_audioin from Tyler Montbriand instead sndlib
more reactive and a small memory footprint:)
SDL_audioin is compiled inside spcaview so no need of external dependancies
Rewrite the sound support works with low framerate < 5 fp/s and hight framerate > 30 fp/s Webcams
Add -p options get picture every N seconds Thanks David Lecombier and Stas Bevc

Release 0.55 of spca5xx && Release 0.32 of spcaview
Merry Christmas :)
Add bridge cx11646 should be the Creative Notebook PD1170 chips ?
Thanks Paolo Gai for sending me a Camera to test :)
Add support for the bridge and sensor cxlib.h cx11646.h
Add restart marker handle in the jpeg4.2.2 decoder for the cx11646 camera
Add JPGC type for that stream
FIX problem with old kernel 2.6.4 thanks Tomas (tgc)
Add Sunplus 0x08ca:0x2022 Spca533a Aiptek Slim3200 Thanks Daniel Gollub :)

Release 0.54
Changes in this release:
Add module_param() feature Thanks Reza (timebomb) and me (why not) :)
plp can now set some parameters as root trought sysfs
echo "2" > /sysfs/module/spca50x/debug
then read
cat /sysfs/module/spca50x/debug
you need to stop the camera then restart to take effect :)
FIX an Historical spca50x Bug Thanks Alvaro for the patch :)

FIX stack problem with Fedora Kernel with a little stack
Remove some field not used in the struct frame
Remove static variable not used
FIX V4l read method only set the real amount of available data
Make the code reentrant when needed
Lot of cleanup

Add sensor hv7131c for the z-star chips thanks Cristophe Zaragoza for testing :)

FIX bug on the ClickSmart310 Gnomemeeting should work now:)

Implement generic Z-star Vimicro 0x0ac8:0x0302 from Chris Cothrun snoop should be an ICM105A Thanks Chris for testing :)

Implement Z-star~vimicro Sensor detection Tested with PB0330 ICM105A HDCS2020 HV7131B TAS5130C. HV7131C is untested.For Others contact the Autor mxhaard@free.fr

Add new spca536 camera Kowa Bs-888e Usbid 0x055f:0xc211 Thanks (nx5) Allow 640x480 jpeg for the spca536 chips

Sonix decompressor by B.S. is implemented in spcadecoder many Thanks for the great job of B.S.
Sonix cam now stream in compressed mode camera type is set to SN9C
Update Sonix setting according new frame rate VGA 8~10fp/s CIF 15~18 fp/s QCIF 25~30 fp/s tested with Tas5130 and Pas106 Sensors
Fix problem with wMaxPacketSize on zc030x chips wMaxPacketSize is get now from the usb struct enumeration
Find some hardware problem with Via VT82C586 Usb controller chips and the Z-Star Vimicro WebCam :( Used an PCI/USB Card with a NEC chips solve the problem :(

Release 0.53
Fix problem on zc030x bridge close (Labtec Pro should stop the light now )
Fix unlink urb or kill urb on close
Add contrast and brightness for the zc030x chips
Add small udelay between initialize command

Add for test Creative Nx Pro 2 usbid 0x041e:0x403a Thanks Leonardo Lanzi for testing:)

Add Digitrex 2110 usbid 0x04fc:0x5330 Thanks Eric Sanden for testing
Add Gsmart D30 usbid 0x055f:0xc540 spca533 weird resolution thanks Andrea Musuruane
Add for test only Asam Vimicro 0x0ac8:0x301b Thanks Gerard Klaver for snoop and test

Add Sonix webcam 0x0c45:0x6029. This is a work from Stefano Mozzi.Thanks for the patch :)
Add Sonix 0x0c45:6009 and 0x0c45:600d Pas106 Sensor
Make brightness and contrast working for the Sonix Camera

Add Creative Nx Pro zc0301 bridge hv7131b sensor UsbId: 0x041e:0x401e
Add Quantization table for the zc030x bridge
Allow init_jpeg_decoder to initialize the good table

FIX gcc 3.4.2 with inline forward declaration Change made by Tomas Groth Thanks :)

Add Genius VideoCam Web 0x0458:0x700f zc0301+tas5130c
Update spca5xx to support the 2.6.9 feature
FIX a bug in open for some camera
FIX Labtec Pro data corruption in large for some light setting
Update et61xx51 for kernel 2.6.9
Improve et61xx151 colors setting

Add bridge to support zc030x chips. Version goes to 0.52
Add Mustek WCam300a 0x055f:0xd003 zc0301+tas5130c
Add Genius VideoCam V2 0x0458:0x7007 zc0301+tas5130c
Add Genius VideoCam V3 0x0458:0x700c zc0301+tas5130c
Add Creative Webcam Notebook 0x041e:0x401f zc0301P + tas5130c
Add Creative Mobile 0x041e:0x4017 zc0301P+Icm-105A
Add Labtec Webcam Pro 0x046d:0x08a2 zc0302 + hdcs2020
Modify spcadecoder to handle jpeg stream 4.2.2
Change Makefile in case the install dir did not exist Thanks Marko Djukic :)
Fix typo in Nuno Tavares name (sorry)
Release spcaview 0.31 according that change

Driver et61xx51 version 0.1 is out

Works!! with kernel 2.4.x and 2.6.x

IF someone can send me a camera with an ET61x251 chips from Etoms. I can support that one too :)
FIX a bug in gsmart mini2 maybe 3 initialize works with mine
Add preliminary support Creative Vista 0x041e:0x4018 thanks Nuno Tavares for the patch
Philips K007 spca504a FW 2 1 1 5 2 is supported as the Terratec thanks Marcel Van Nies for the feedback
Add Polaroid PDC2030 spca504b 0x0546:0x3273 thanks Stilgar for the feedback
Many Thanks Laurent Guerby for a Quickcam pro 4000 Donation :))

Update spcaview version 0.30 Works and know the zr364xx chips too :)
Preliminary support of VIDEO_PALETTE_JPEG

Add support for the Creative NX ultra This is the work of Tomasz Zablocki (patch test ..) Thanks Tomasz :)
Thanks to Semi Malinem for very good snoops for the NX ultra:)
Nx ultra Usbid 0x041e:0x401d should be the same with 0x041e:0x4021 ?
Merge all command with the spca505 code need to be tested
Add enigma dream Epsilon1.3 spca533
Add Dolphin PowerCam2M 0x08ca:0x2011 spca533 Thanks Simon Naunton for the patch :)
Add AiptekPocketCam2M 0x08ca:0x2016 spca504b Thanks Jali .. for the patch :)
Add 3DemonUsbGrabber 0x0734:0x043b spca506+SAA7113 aka PV321c Thanks Ricardo Ribalda Delgato for the patch :)

Add brightness and contrast command for the spca561 chips
Many thanks to Assaf Zlatkis who send me a cam for testing :)
you DON'T NEED force_rgb for that chip and the Sonix now :)
Fix some problem with autobrightness with spcaview

Sonix cam works in all mode 640x480 320x240 160x120
upload Gideo a GTK grabber from David Truman (you need Gnome installed)
Assaf have send a spca561 camera for me that will take 2 weeks :)
Thanks a lot that should be more easy for testing !!
Spcaview have now an autobrightness feature. Many thanks Gihan Marasingha for the Patch :)

a Break for vacancies.Tomas Groth (tgc) have upload all the experimental stuff in spca50x CVS without any cleanup :(
spca5xx BUG FIX release Thanks Assaf for testing the spca561 camera

Add for fun my Sonix Camera Usbid 0x0c45:0x6025 Works with vanilla kernel 2.4.26 and 2.6.7
tested with spcaview and spcagui 320x240 and 160x120 Works fine. 640x480 didn't work ATM only the brightness is implemented
Enjoy !!

Add Logitech ClickSmart820 Usbid 0x046d:0x0905 spca533a Thanks Paul Odin for testing and snoop :)
Add Digital Dream Enigma 1.3 Usbid 0x05da:0x1018 spca504b Thanks Dave Truman patch and testing :)

Update the Links page Aiptek DV3500 is now working thanks Alexis Deruelle for test and Martin Belohorka for the really good snoop :)

upgrade spcagui version 0.3.1
Fix bug on palette choice
Add smooth mouse motion on potentiometers

Change alternatesetting regime to cur_altsetting as need with kernel 2.6.7
Add macro to use the new delay helper safe instead of wait_ms()on kernel 2.6.7
Preliminary work on spca536 chips Aiptek DV3500 0x08ca:0x2024 and Mustek DV4000 0x055f:0xc360

Spcagui version 0.3
FIX videodevice NULL on open Thanks Luca Risolia
FIX setting for unknow camera spcagui now probe available palette and size from the kernel module Add press any key to skip the intro :)

Release SpcaGui version 0.2 a lot of features and a nice gui, with its own widgets:)
Enjoy !!

Add Terratec Camera Usbid 0x04fc:0x504a but the camera work with the spca504b command :)

FIX problem with 2.6.x kernel as usb_set_interface break the usb_submit_urb for the Clicksmart310 spca500 camera.That way the camera should start in any case.
Spcaview can now probe the spca5xx camera and display on the console the setting
available in size and palette

FIX Oops with spca500_synch310() on open.Seem the alternate setting change need for the clicksmart 310 cause the problem when init_source() initialize the cam

Add a Bridge list
VIDIOCGCAP return in field name the camera name know in Clist
VIDIOCGCHAN return in field name the bridge know in bridge list
These change allow userspace apps to probe the spca5xx camera.
spca500 add a request to find what chip sensor is available the i2c chip address should appears in the syslog output
Add Clicksmart310 UsbId 0x046d:0x0900 spca500 and HDCS1020 from Agilent .
this camera work in 352x288 and sometimes 176x144
If the chips did not start close or Kill video grabber apps replug the cam then restart that should work.
As i can see with my Ellysis usb analyser windoze driver on probe start a process to ping the cam every 300ms .

Add Mustek Gsmart Mini Usbid 0x055f:0xc220 Spca500c thanks Ricardo Ferreira for snoop and testing
Add Jenoptik JDC21LCD Usbid 0x0733:0x2211 Spca533a thanks Ronan Waide for the patch and testing
FIX bug in wakeup that corrupt frame data on smp box
Sysfs update the stream_id and add picture parameters

Add a struct pictparam to the decoder. all picture setting is carried to the decoder that way
Initial data are set by module parameters :
(gamma, force_rgb, OffsetRed, OffsetBlue, OffsetGreen, Gain Red, Gain Blue, and Gain Green)
Those parameters will change soon trought sysfs feature :)
Spcatools will be helping to choose the good setting
ATM rgb 16 rgb 24 and rgb 32 are implemented for all cameras
Add Instand VCD grabber spca506 and SAA7113 Usbid 0x06e1:0xa190 thanks Alexander Schulz

Rewrite spca506 SAA7113 code for the usb grabber, WORKS!! fine now :)
Allow size to change between 160x120 to 640x480 640x480 need to be interpolate
from 640x240 as the windoze driver do :)
Allow norme and channel in the VIDIOCSCHAN ioctl norme should be :
i don't own any camera with that feature
Channel should be [0..3] for CBVS composite input [6..9] for S-VIDEO input

Add Flycam Usb 100 Usbid 0x10fd:0x7e50
Add Autobrightness for the spca561a as suggest Saltiel Kenny thanks

FIX -ENXIO bug with 2.4.x kernel
Clean up Makefile and change confuse messages about kernel version

Add Logitech QuickCam Traveler Usb id 0x046d 0x0890 Thanks Gilberto Persico
Little change on the probe function for better camera detection

Change Makefile according Modules Versions support
Thanks Luca Risolia for the advise

Init_jpeg_decoder() ask on open if need
spcaCameraStart() and spcaCameraStop() change on init or stop isoc
Add Low resolution by software instead the hardware buggy mode spca561a
FIX bug kernel crash on size or picture setting change
Add Creative PCCam750 Usb id 0x041e 0x4013 Spca504 FW pccam600
Add Maxell Compact PM3 Usb id 0x060b 0xa001 spca561a
Add Benq DC1016 Usb id 0x04a5 0x300a spca500c Need test
Add Benq DC3410 Usb id 0x04a5 0x300a spca504b Need test
Add Micro IC200 Usb id 0x0461 0x0815 spca508 Agilent sensor need test

Bugs FIX in 2.4.24 compile
Release spcaview 0.26
First spcatools 0.1

change down(&spca50x->buf_lock) to down_trylock(&spca50x->buf_lock);
Thanks Brian Perkins for the advise
FIX bug in bayer decoder
Thanks Jakub Krajcovic for the spca561 raw data from spcaview -v
FIX bug in crop feature with no jpeg camera
Thanks Peter Cook for the spca501 raw data from spcaview -v
FIX force_rgb for VIDEO_PALETTE_RGB565
Add Mustek DV3000 spca533 UsbId 0x055f:0xc440 Thanks Arne Georg Gledish
Add HamaSightcam 2 spca508 UsbId 0x0af9:0x0011 Thanks Tomas Groth (Tgc)
Add Benq DC1300 spca504b UsbId 0x04a5:0x3003 Thanks Mick Hellstrom

Merge 2.4.x and 2.6.x modules available on Download page

FIX camera automatic probe after usbid 0x0000:0x0000
Add spca501 176x144 352x288 preliminary support need more test

Experimental Kernel 2.6 module from Reza Jelveh && Michel Xhaard
Works with spca504a spca504b spca533 and spca508 need test for others
Aiptek PocketDV3300 users, look at the link page, Antoine Jacquet have something
for you :)

Add ClickSmart 510 Experimental Usbid: 0x046d:0x0901
Add resolution 320x240 in Spca505 thanks Youssef Makki for testing
Allow Spca505 to work with Gnomemeeting

Spcaview 0.25 release Add screenshot in grabbing mode, idea from Linus McCabe
Reza Jelveh (timebomb) is working on spca50x 2.6 port :)
Tomas Groth (tgc) have get a new cam working
Isabel Arenilla write an howto for Debian users

Add Benq DC1500 Thanks Isabel Arenilla
Add Logitech ClickSmart 420 Thanks Bummerlord for the patch

Happy NEW YEAR !!
Add -v to spcaview disable video-output for raw data acquisition
spcaview -v -o rawdata.avi get now raw data without header trought the driver for all cam

Add bayer_decode() for GBRG spca561 camera RGB16 RGB24 RGB32 YUV420P is enable

Change spca50x_smallest_index to avoid pipe size according width and height
Add on open default palette to RGB24 allow gqcam to work fine in all case :)
Add spca50x->minwidth and spca50x->minheight Configure sensor take care of min too

Merry Christmas :)
Add yuyv yyuv to yuv_decode Add RGGB Bayer type for the spca501 cam in native stream format
Prototype bayer_decode() for those cams
Add spca5xx_gamma.h allow 6 gamma tables to correct cams stream
A static int gCor select the Table for all the cams in rgb mode
value 0 to 6 is allowed 0->2.2, 1->1.7, 2->1.45, 3->1, 4->0.6896, 5->0.5882, 6->0.4545
Big Cut in the interrupt Handler all cam process the Tasklet:)
Change read function according that change
Configure sensor now take care of the maxheight and maxwidth of each cam. send to Tomas Groth (tgc) for spca508 testing.
send to Linus McCabe (McCabe) for spca501 testing.

Add the Dakota Digital Camera Usbid 0x04fc:0xffff Thanks Thomas Steffen for the patch
Add spca50x_outpicture() to normalize all the output camera in tasklet function
Add the autobrightness support for spca508 cam Thanks Tomas Groth (tgc) for the patch

The spca500 from FamilyCam and pocket DV also i think clicksmart510 need to initialise with the size set to 640x480 and the corresponding usb pipe set to 1023.Unfortunately our driver start with the smallest one.I have made a change to allow these cams to work with all size 640x480 320x240 and 176x144 the large size auto init without unplug and replug the cam the others need that:( Need more test for the pocketDV owner.Thanks Denis Pitzalis who give me a Familycam for testing
Add the same init code for the Intel Cam CS630 spca500a. Thanks Rob Roschewsk for testing.

FIX The Bug with the Suse kernel on close function perhaps that will work with Mandrake preempt kernel
Some cleanup

Schedule a tasklet in the interrupt handler that allow to work with full size, full frame rate
These features are implemented for the rawjpeg cams ATM spca500a spca504a spca504b spca533a

All the crop feature are now implemented and work fine for the spca504a and spca504b camera the spca533a work fine in 320x240 194x144 176x144 the others are not implemented ATM I hope this code have not break the others cams.If you got some problem or please feedback to
The hint message have move to "SPCA5XX Usb Camera" to allow all the palettes working on gnomemeeting. Thanks to Damien Sandras and Fabrice (Gnomemeeting Team) for help and testing the YUV420P feature. A preliminary code to drop frame is also implemented this drop occurs when the userspace ask for RGB in full size 640x480 like "gqcam".
(That is not really a good idea, we want 18.43Mb/s to puch a whole frame in RGB24 and the kernel didn't like that:) ) a better idea is to use yuv420p with spcaview that need only 9.21 Mb/s with the same quality.
IMHO the RGB feature didn't have a place in a Linux kernel:) This module need a good processor to work fine and is optimize for i686 familly ( PIV and Athlon)

FIX Read Function when yuv420p and jpeg palette are asked
Work on Gnomemeeting with Damien Sandras to FIX yuv420p palette usage
Now get 5 ms average decode times with spcaview 640x480 20fps with yuv420p and rawjpeg cams
Try to get best with oprofile and qprof profilers

Try to FIX the PCCAM 600 with patch send by Sepp Widjnands and testing by Shadding Faris Doghmi.
Add Aiptek DV3100+ 0x08ca:0x0106 Aiptek PocketCam 3M 0x08ca:0x2010
Add preliminary support grey scale only for the spca561a Miguel Revilla Rodriguez and Richard Ham
Flexcam 100 0x04fc:0x0561 Genius Videocam V2 0x0458:0x7004
Add support for the Mustek Gsmart LCD 2 0x055f:0c430 Thanks for the Russian I cannot read
Look to implement the decoder for Tomas in the spca50x_move_data function 2,74 meters long.

Expand the macro of IDCT to remove a lot of exchange
Start to implement crop feature for rawjpeg cam
this will need for all the resolutions

Test the idct and profile to get best performance now work best with full size in real times
16fps in my Athlon 2.2Ghz

Add YUV420P feature in spcaview and options -f format video -a audio on/off and channels
please read README first for the use
This tools is a good choice to test your cam with the module

Add YUV420P for the spca504a spca504b spca500a spca533a chips work fine in 320x240 mode
Works now with ffmpeg try ffmpeg -s widthxheight test.avi.You need a strong processor > Ghz
to encode directly the stream in DIVX

Happy birthday Ori, your Mysterious cam now work
Add code for Unknow Ori cam "Mysterori" Usbid 0x0000:0x0000
Merge with the last CVS tree hope with no mistake :)

Good news from Jörg and Marek the two Cams are working fine Enjoy!!

Add Code for the aiptek pocketDV Usbid 0x08ca:0x0103 need test from Marek Blasko Thanks

Add Code for Megapix V4 for testing Snoopy file and test from Jörg Böhnke
Need some times to do, Jörg have a lot of works in BRETAGNE
We will stay and cross fingers
NEW working but not with the good resolution look in /Doc/testvideo Thanks Jörg

Add Mustek mdc5500z Thanks Piotr Pawlow for patch need more testing and snoopy file !!

Fix Aiptek 1.3 drop packets
Works 640x480 and 320x240 Thanks Fransico Ramiro Pereira,Scott Barnes and Gregor Hoffleit.
Make own procedure for Aiptek1.3

Add Code for Mustek Gsmart LCD3 Snoopy file and test from Piotr Pawlow Thanks
Works 320x240 and 464x352 Thanks Piotr

Seem the code found on Macam project work for the gsmart mini not for Aiptek
Fix Aiptek 1.3 command loop

Add: Aiptek PenCam SD 2 0x08ca 0x2018 thanks Wolfang Samsinger.
Add: Aiptek mini PenCam 1.3 Mega
Help with the code found on Macam project (Mac OSX)