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What is the Fox Board ?

The Etrax 100Lx 16+4 MCM is a Soc made to run Linux by Axis. There are many small appliances from Axis running Linux. IP cameras are the well knows but there are also printer server and so on:) The FOX board are made by Acmesystems.
Really nice isn't ? here is the full spec.

If you are Impatient !!

You can flash the whole image fimage_716_v100.tgz following the instruction from Acmesystems.
But you will loss a lot of knowledge about Linux embedded !!

Build your Toolchain

Axis released the GNU cross compiler also know as gcc cris compiler. The best way to set up a toolchain to cross compile your kernel and all the software needs is to follow the very good Article from Acmesystems. The Acmesystems board is shipped with a SDK2.01 and set with a kernel 2.4.31. I suggest (at the moment) to set this kernel instead of the 2.6.12 also shipped with the SDK.

Patch the SDK2.01

Download the set of patch for the SDK2.01 HERE. There is now a smart script to patch your SDK2.01 from Andrea Partinico :) Read the readme and follow the advise .